10+ Ecommerce Tips for Driving More Organic Traffic and Improving SEO

10+ Ecommerce Tips for Driving More Organic Traffic and Improving SEO

How to drive more traffic and sales to your ecommerce store? Here are some great ecommerce tips that will help you improve SEO!


Did you know that getting your website more organic traffic can make a significant difference in your sales and revenue? Yes, and bringing in more sales without spending money on ads that aren’t effective can be a great way to build a successful online business.

If you are wondering how to drive more traffic to your online store, here are a few great ecommerce tips that will help you improve SEO and bring you more potential buyers:

  1. Your ecommerce website needs to be on HTTPS. This assures your visitors your website is reliable, it protects customer information, it improves your SEO, and it is trusted by Google.
  2. The speed is crucial for ecommerce SEO. As the page load time grows, your bounce rate will increase dramatically.
  3. Write interesting, unique, and more compelling meta-descriptions to grow CTRs on organic search. The CTRs can positively impact your rankings.
  4. Structure your URLs in a Google-friendly and user-friendly way. You need first a category page, a sub-category page, and a product page.
  5. Include social media integrations on all of your product pages (if you have more than one product page) so that visitors can share your products and generate more organic traffic.
  6. Make sure to use internal links to suggest related products that other users purchased to increase more relevant sales and improve your website structure.
  7. Your homepage should initiate the selling process. You can start by suggesting products that are popular so you can get people’s attention fast.
  8. Collect leads on the products pages when a product is out of stock. Instead of leaving the site blank, you can ask the user the leave an email address in exchange for stocking alerts or notifications.
  9. Always include rich and in-depth product descriptions. Without text, Google can’t rank you or drive organic traffic to your store.
  10. Make your descriptions as compelling as possible. You can use power words to drive sales on your product pages.
  11. Use videos for products demos. Adding video content to your ecommerce site can boost sales and improve SEO.
  12. Don’t underestimate paid search. It is a great driver of brand popularity and leads to an organic traffic and purchase.
  13. Allow purchasers to leave reviews and comments to help increase content on your site.

These ecommerce tips can help you increase your SEO power and bring in more sales!

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