How to Double Your Sales: 3 Timeless Ecommerce Tips to Follow

How to Double Your Sales: 3 Timeless Ecommerce Tips to Follow

Here are some SEO ecommerce tips that will boost your site traffic, double your sales and your revenues! Read and find out more!


Ecommerce solutions like Shopify have made simpler for people to set up their online stores and selling their products online. If you are planning to build your own online store as well, now is the perfect time to do so. Who doesn’t want to make money online, right?

But, if you want to become an entrepreneur and make money online, building an ecommerce site is simply not enough. You need to understand how to optimize your online store so it starts appearing in the SERP or search engine result pages.

Maney online sellers have a belief that by listing their products on the ecommerce store, it will start appearing in the search engine result pages, however, this never happens. Why?

Because optimizing an online store to make it user-friendly demands a good knowledge of SEO or search engine optimization and it is more complicated than optimizing a website with a few pages.

In this article, we will share some great SEO ecommerce tips that will help you boost your site traffic and double your sales:

  • Manage the “Out of Stock Pages” Carefully: If there is a product that is not available in stock and you are sure that the product will be back in stock soon, we recommend you to leave the product pages untouched instead of redirecting the visitors to another product page. You can ask the visitors to leave their email address or phone number for receiving a notification when the product is back in stock.
  • Optimize the Products Pages based on Search Demand: If you want more traffic, more sales, and more revenue, you need to optimize the product pages of your online store based on the search demand. When writing titles or product descriptions you need to use the brand name of the product in the title tags and H1 headings, use the model number in the title tags and H1 headings, use alt tags on your product photos, and avoid using iframes for showing the content on the product pages.
  • Organize the Product Variations Precisely: You might have noticed that some products are similar, however, they vary in colors and sizes. If you don’t organize those products, you may cause a confusion among your visitors. Also, your products might rank for the wrong keywords.

Use these ecommerce tips and you will double the sales in no time!

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